Survey Responses from a Trip to Egypt - 2019

What's it like to travel with Scopia LLC to Egypt? If you'd like to view survey responses from a recent trip to Egypt (November 2019), please click here.

Other Comments From Holy Land Pilgrims:

Exceptional...Highly recommend Scopia with Ophir. The knowledge you gain from everyone is fantastic.

Everything in Israel was outstanding!

Amazing trip. (The guide) was awesome. The...bus could use seat back pockets and cup holders and more reliable WiFi.

Food at Prima was good but not great. Galilee hotel food was marginal at best....bus lost WiFi early on and was a big inconvenience. Vegan restaurant last night of our trip was very good Fish lunch in Galilee was slow. Lunch at the Kibbutz was great. Ophir went out of his way to assist our fellow travelers in need and made sure everything was ready for us.

Love Love Ophir! Kind, caring and thoughtful !

I would just like to say that Ophir is by far the best, most thoughtful and accommodating tour escort I've ever had. He always goes out of his way to assist in every situation.

The ratings can not express the excellence I experienced on every level. The planning was superior, the accommodations were superior, and the amount of personal care given at every step of the trip was exemplary.

I loved every aspect of the tour, except for Bethlehem. That was a little scary and depressing. Definitely don't think it should have ended the tour.

The itinerary once we reached Jerusalem was a little strenuous. Otherwise it was a phenomenal trip.

I was surprised that I never felt unsafe on the tour. It was really nice of Ophir to bring up the rear in the congested areas to make sure no one was separated.

WiFi on the bus only worked the first day or so. Would have been nice to have it throughout our trip. Everyone we encountered was very helpful and friendly at the hotels. Ophir was always around, especially when something was needed. All of the sites on our trip were amazing! Because we did so much, I did feel a bit rushed through some of the sites, but I so glad we did get to see so much.

I loved everything about this trip! Ophir and (the guide) were fantastic - I always felt safe and relaxed with them in charge. This trip exceeded my expectations in every way and I will definitely recommend it to others. Thank you for everything!!

This was an amazing experience for me. My eyes and mind have been opened in ways I never would have imagined. 

Survey Responses from a Holy Land Pilgrimage - 2020

What's it like to travel with Scopia LLC on a Holy Land pilgrimage to Israel? If you'd like to view survey responses from a recent (February 2018) Holy Land Pilgrimage, please click here.

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M.S. from Illinois writes about her family's trip to Israel and Jordan:

"Shalom wonderful Ophir,

Thank you so much for planning and executing our fabulous trip to the Middle East. We were so grateful for all the VIP treatment and special activities you built into our getaway. Knowing you were so incredibly committed and concerned with our happiness was extraordinary.

Your ears must be ringing because we have been singing your praises to everyone that has asked us about our getaway. You are amazing at what you do and I wish we could work together on ALL our trips! I always enjoyed our upbeat conversations and am sure our paths will stay connected.

Thank you again for creating such an awesome memory for our family! It was tremendous and we are so appreciative."

S.B. from Maryland writes about her trip to Israel and Jordan:

"Edan (guide in Israel) was very knowledgeable of the history on the places on our itinerary, the country we drove through and the people of Israel.  He was proactive in calling ahead to check on road conditions with rains they recently had in the area around the Dead Sea.  He came up with an alternative place to visit, Bet-She’An National Park and was very familiar with this site.  Our 2nd night in Tiberius we got back to our hotel mid-afternoon and weren’t sure why so early and why something else wasn’t added on for this additional time... 

Ali and Mohammad (guide and driver in Jordan) were wonderful and highly recommend them if you need a guide and/or drive for Jordanian clients.  Ali was extremely knowledgeable on the sites we visited, went over each day as we met, made additional recommendation and after spending time together he also gave us time to explore on our own if we wanted to...Mohammad is an excellent driver, made sure we had water along the trip and answered any questions we had.  We learned a lot about the Jordanian people, history and culture throughout our trip...

Crossing the border and travel to Tel Aviv was very easy and Ali stayed with us up to the point where he couldn’t go any further.  This was greatly appreciated. 

This was an amazing trip and included in this are the place we visited in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.  In both cities we did walking tours on history, architecture and culture; visited museums; and did a lot of exploring on our own by walking around.  We did a market shopping and cooking class with a young local couple in their home.  We felt safe at all times whether with our guides or on our own.

Thank you so much for your services and for all your recommendation to make this trip so very meaningful and special for (us)."

Survey Responses from a Holy Land Pilgrimage - 2018

What's it like to travel with Scopia LLC on a Holy Land pilgrimage to Israel? If you'd like to view survey responses from a recent (February 2018) Holy Land Pilgrimage, please click here.