The rolling hills of the Galilee in northern Israel.

The rolling hills of the Galilee, northern Israel.

Basic Information About Israel

Shalom, Salaam and Welcome to Scopia LLC's page for my beautiful homeland of Israel! The one thing I love most about Israel, is that there truly is something for everyone. In a country about the size of new Jersey, you're never too far from fun and interesting things to do, see, learn, hear or taste. There's always - always! - new and exciting experiences and activities in this "crazy" (in a good way) little country, so who better to show you around than an Israeli who knows the country really well? 

Visiting Israel with Scopia LLC means that your entire experience will be tailored to your specific interests and budget. I like to think of tours in Israel the same as university courses: Israel 101 for the basics, 102 for something a little different, and all the way down the line to the Israel that is rarely, if ever, known or introduced to visitors. Regardless of the type of tour you booked, you'll always be shown around Israel with excellent, hand-picked guides in modern, comfortable vehicles.

There's so much diversity in Israel: social, geographic, traditional, culinary, tourism interests and in just about every other aspect. It's a completely different experience than many other tourism destinations, which offer more and more of the same.

And that's what makes Scopia LLC a perfect choice for your next visit to Israel. There are so many choices, so many bits and pieces of advice and information from friends who have been or tourism websites. I take great pride in being able to objectively "dim the noise" and help you put together a visit to Israel which perfectly suits you.

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