View Sample Holy Land Pilgrimage Itineraries:

101 - 9 Days/7 Nights Pilgrimage

101A- 9 Days/7 Nights Interfaith (Christian/Jewish)

102 - 10 Days/8 Nights Pilgrimage

102A - 10 Days/8 Nights Interfaith (Christian/Jewish)

103 - 13 Days/11 Nights Pilgrimage with Jordan

103A - 13 Days/11 Nights Interfaith (Christian/Jewish) with Jordan.

Of course, these sample itineraries can easily be modified to fit your group's specific preferences and interests. Each group is different and I'll gladly help you create the perfect itinerary and experience for your congregants.

Survey Responses from a Holy Land Pilgrimage

What's it like to travel with Scopia LLC? If you'd like to view survey responses from a recent (February 2018) Holy Land Pilgrimage, please click here.

A Holy Land Pilgrimage with Scopia LLC is an Experience in Itself!


Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to introduce before you, Scopia LLC's unique, inspirational and educational pilgrimages to the Holy Land. There are so many companies in the US and around the world that offer Christians tours to Israel, the Holy Land, so why should you consider Scopia LLC?

The reason, I believe, is that you - as a spiritual leader of your congregation - want to give your congregants an experience that's a little bit more than just the usual running from site-to-site-to-site. There's a half-joking term in the Israel tourism industry about the mental state of pilgrims as "Churched-out". It means that the group participants have seen so many Churches in Israel, one after another after another, that they literally can't remember where they've been or, more importantly, why they were there.

So I think you're looking for an experience that will be a little bit more than that, an experience that will bond your group together, bring them home from the Holy Land with common memories about which they can reminisce for years to come. When traveling through Scopia LLC, a pilgrimage to Israel, the Holy Land, can be that "little bit more" that you are looking for. 

It starts with my first hand knowledge of Israel as an Israeli. That intimate knowledge of Israel allows me to find interesting and unique activities which can be added to a pilgrimage and turn it from "yet another" into an experience never to be forgotten. It continues with excellent, expert guides, comfortable hotels in great locations and modern buses fitted with free Wi-Fi for all to use at anytime.

Add to this Scopia LLC's door-to-door, one-stop-shop solutions and you'll quickly see that Scopia LLC can provide you, as a group leader, with a seamless and easy process of organizing and implementing the trip. Here are just some of the services with which I can help in organizing a pilgrimage to the Holy Land:

  • Designing a pilgrimage experience that is a perfect fit for your congregation's preferences, interests and budget. 
  • Bus from/to your congregation and the airport.
  • Flights to/from Israel.
  • Hotels, guide, bus, meals, site visits and special activities during the visit to the Holy Land.
  • Travel insurance as individuals or as a group.
  • Help with promotional materials and the registration process.
  • And much more!

As I look over this list of services, it reminds me of an important point: Most companies offer "inexpensive" pilgrimages that - as you move forward - cost more and more. For examples:

  • The tour costs include airfare, but not fuel surcharges (hundreds of dollars extra)
  • The tour includes visits to all the sites that are free while all the other sites require additional payment (optional, as it is usually called).
  • Tips are extra. Travel insurance is extra. The bus to the airport is extra. 

...And by the time you're done adding more and more, you find out that this "inexpensive" pilgrimage actually costs a whole lot more than you originally intended. With Scopia LLC, this will never happen. The tour costs might seem more expensive at the start, but they already include just about all these extra costs. Then, when you compare apples to apples, you'll find that Scopia LLC's pilgrimages aren't any more expensive than others.

To you and your congregants, a pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a spiritual journey of immense importance. To me, there is no greater honor than welcoming friends to my homeland of Israel. So let's have a little chat about how we can work together to make your congregation's pilgrimage an experience to be remembered forever.

Please contact me for more information about your congregation's pilgrimage to the Holy Land. I look forward to hearing from you.