The Nabatean city of Petra is the reason most visitors come to Jordan. But, although Petra in itself is breathtakingly beautiful, there's so much more to see and explore in Jordan. Come for Petra, stay for the friendly people, archaeology, nature and many other experiences this desert nation has to offer. Find out more about what Scopia LLC can do for you in Jordan.


It's such a pity that Egypt's tourism industry has suffered quite a bit over the past several years due to terrorism activities. But now things are coming back and Egypt is full of visitors from around the world. Egypt is a vast land that offers something for everyone - From beautiful sites to friendly people, bustling markets to excellent hotels and Nile cruises. Find out more how Scopia LLC can help you plan a visit to this ancient kingdom of the Pharaohs.


Find out more about Scopia LLC's services in Israel, a travel destination offering an endless assortment of experiences and opportunities to learn and have real fun: nature, history, a lively music scene, dozens of cultures, religions and ethnic groups, each with their own traditions passed down for dozens or even hundreds of generations. Simply put - Israel is fun and inspirational place to be for anyone.

Scopia LLC offers you and your traveling companions many services in some of the world's most beautiful and exciting destinations.

Although this website concentrates on Israel, Jordan and Egypt, there are other Mediterranean destinations with which I can assist you to plan the perfect experience as. In places such as Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain, I can either work with my local partners in each country to create a packaged tour, or - in the event that you're just looking for some simple services - refer you directly to the partners. 

Regardless of the country to which you're traveling with Scopia LLC, you can rest assured that my local partners there are experienced, trustworthy and reliable. 


The locals like to refer to Ethiopia as "The Land of Origins". Because it was here, in this beautiful country, that the Blue Nile River originates and joins the White Nile which eventually flows through Egypt; and it was here that the earliest remnants of upright mankind were found (Lucy, from 3.2 million years ago). Ethiopia is also home to some of the the earliest Christianity. There's so much to see and experience in Ethiopia! But Ethiopia is best visited at this stage by experienced world travelers. Scopia LLC has partnered with a local expert to help you navigate this complicated country.